Hilary Williams


Specialist UX/CX, New Zealand 

With facilitation, I can make your product or service easy for your customers to use and understand.


I fill, with action, the gap between the product you wish to develop, and the people who will build it.

Facilitating, evolving and presenting clarity between Stake holder, The Developers and the Creatives.  Thus ensuring a finished product better suited to its target audience.





hilarys history

20+ years’ experience in Information Technology.  Specialising in information architecture, design and delivery across a variety of user groups in NZ, UK & USA.

Sports & community

I meet with community groups & sports clubs to facilitate a process where they can organise and present themselves with their core purpose and values reflected.  Together we write a plan to enable the group to have confidence with managing volunteer  resources and keep ontop of their communcation and digital presents.  Resulting in their facilities and clubs beign more appealing to a wider range of members in the community.


If you are a small business many things need to be considered when giving a website or software developer ownership of your products vision.  While there are standard design guides to follow and technology considerations, there is also functionality that accommodates the spectrum of user behaviour.  I design blueprints — including wireframes, roadmaps, workflows to ensure there is a clear understanding of design intention.  Easy is how it should be for your customer to use/see/experience your product, website, software or service.

government & education

Software interface builds, while done technically well, may at times create employee confusion.  Frustrated clients will often use “work-arounds” or may avoid using applications completely.  Staff and customer bewilderment can be avoided and engagement can commence, if, during the pre-development phase, there is a clear understanding between software’s intention and the people expected to use it.  Presenting customer behaviours to stake holders, ensuring technical potential is considered and visual design accommodated can then mean a successful development cycle can proceed.


Hilary Williams

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